Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Rose Water and Turkish Delight Cupcakes Continue....

Having liked so much the way Rose water compliments chocolate cupcakes, I decided to experiment with it a little bit more!  

I figured, if it goes well with chocolate, then it must be great in the frosting!  

So, I made some Vanilla Buttercream with Madagascar (to give it a more intense vanilla taste) and poured in two tablespoons of Rose Water.  I added two tablespoons because I didn't want it too strong.... but that's me!  You can add more or less depending on your preference.

Not to toot my own horn?!... but it was delicious!! I swear, my head won't stop thinking of all the possible ways I can use this!!  
How about combining a little coconut and Rose Water in the frosting?  Hmm...

So, while still on yesterday's mode of Turkish Delights and Rose Water, I added some, not too many, Turkish Delights on top.  Remember, in Greek...Loukoumi!

...and then finished it with some Chocolate Drizzle! 

For those who like a lighter version, I omitted the chocolate on this one and threw on some silver dragees.  Just as delicious!  (You do get more the Rose water scent this way, as well).  So pretty

Can't wait to try it in other recipes!!
Will keep you posted!!

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