Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Raining Color with a Touch of Gold!!

Color, color, color and a sprinkle of gold was the theme for this Christening!! It suited the baby's name so well-  Chrisyida or Χρυσηιδα, meaning gold.  So perfect were the colors to go with that beautiful, sunny day!!  So much fun making these! 

Like getting a bouquet of fresh flowers!

It's a Bow Tie Event!

Remember a few posts ago where I was extremely inspired by the book Kinky Cupcakes?!  Well, it's one of the moments again!  I have been meaning to try it for a while now, and here you have it!  This time not so much about the recipes but about the decorations!

Cute, huh?!....Not to mention elegant!!

Stay tuned for the all Black and White Bow Tie theme!!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Beautiful, Colorful Cupcake Liners!!

Love these Swedish cupcake liners!!  They are the best!  The color remains intact after baking and its shape looks elegant till the end!  It never gets greasy....leaving you with a clean, crisp looking cupcake. 

I like to call it a cupcake's  LITTLE BLACK DRESS!!