Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Raining Color with a Touch of Gold!!

Color, color, color and a sprinkle of gold was the theme for this Christening!! It suited the baby's name so well-  Chrisyida or Χρυσηιδα, meaning gold.  So perfect were the colors to go with that beautiful, sunny day!!  So much fun making these! 

Like getting a bouquet of fresh flowers!


  1. Lovely photos!! I am sure they taste good too!

  2. My dear girl - your cupcakes taste as good as they look. All your kind heart and soul goes into making them, that's why the end result is such a success.
    Thanks for all you do - I will keep up my orders! (BTW, I have just eaten the last peanut butter one)

  3. Hey there! that is a fantabulous blog you got here!!!! I just added you to my blog roll because i love baking cupcakes and here i found so many interesting ideas and recipes! thanks a lot for sharing with us! I wish you luck with your future creations!You really got talent!


  4. @Becs, thank you sweetie! So glad you enjoyed them!

    @Anne, Thank you for your kind and sweet words! Just checked out your blog and it's beautiful!!! You are very talented yourself! It's going on my roll too...returning some sugar back to you!

  5. Love the cupcake striking colour. Nice work.


  6. Love love the colors! Vibrant and so yummy!!
    Happy Holidays!!


  7. They look far too good to eat!! Not saying I wouldn't but... ;) x

  8. Just found you on Beccy's blog. My name is also Sonia, and I too have 3 sonds, but I'm a European, now American, living in California. Do you still live in Greece? Do you bake for a living?

  9. Hi Sonia! Just love Beccy's blog! I'm not currently in Greece. I've been in NYC for the last year and not sure when I will be returning...Yes, I was baking for a living and as a hobby as well. Do you miss Europe?