Sunday, 9 January 2011

My First Vasilopita!!!

Greek Vasilopita is a cake or sweet bread that is traditionally made to bring in the New Year. It is cut and served after midnight of New Year's Eve. A coin is placed in the cake or bread during the baking period.  The eldest family member or head of household then blesses and cuts the Vasilopita and distributes it among the rest of the family and guests, beginning from eldest to youngest.  Who ever gets the coin will have good luck for the new year.  

This tradition varies among families but this is the short and simple version!

I have never made a Vasilopita before but since the Cake Vasilopita is slowly replacing the bread version, I decided (after a friend suggesting I make her one!) to give it a try!  Initially, I was hesitant, insisting 'I don't make these!'.... but after thinking about it, I thought 'why not, it's just a cake!'.

Anyway, a cake I baked!!  Vanilla almond cake, I thought for my first try, topped with Madagascar vanilla glaze.  Then, an idea struck me!!  This is like any cupcake....and flavors are endless!  Why not make VASILOPITA CUPCAKES!!!!  All you have to do is place the coin in one of the cupcakes!!!!!   I thought brilliant!!!  But my Greek friend was not ready for this!!  She wanted to do the traditional cutting herself!

Oh well, I guess it's like a Thanksgiving fun if no one is carving it at the table!!!  

Happy New Year!!!  Kali Xronia!!!!

P.S.   My friend loved it!!!  And so did her kids!!  Hoooray!!!