Saturday, 5 March 2011

Rich Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes!

You might be wondering what is going with all this baking lately!  Well, I have to confess that besides the new book I got as a gift the other day, I also got myself a NEW CAMERA!!  YES, I did!!  
I'm besides myself!  My 'you know what' is on fire!!  Can't stop!  Want to bake, create and take pictures all the time!!  Feeling so inspired and charged.

What a difference!! You can see it if you go back to my past posts!! No matter what I did, it served it no justice.  It was terribly disappointing.  I would be so happy with my final product and then my pictures would tell me another story!  Yikes!!  So glad that's a thing of the past now!! 

Ok, ok....Back to cupcakes!!  These are a very rich chocolate cupcakes with a deep raspberry buttercream.  I finished it with melted Ion chocolate drizzle and a small chunk on top. (I'm also on an Ion chocolate drizzle frenzy lately).

What is it with Raspberry and Chocolate that goes so well together??!  It is sooo delicious.....and that extra crunch that the cooled melted, chocolate gives it??!   Insane!!


  1. Wow! They look yuMMmmmmmmmmy!!! Congrats on your new camera!!
    How did you make the raspberry frosting? You can drop me some sugar over at my blog! Love to try the recipe!


  2. Hello there Yadira! The Raspberry frosting is a Vanilla Buttercream base(make sure to use a good vanilla) and then as much, to your taste, raspberry preserves you like(prefer organic or without added sugar). I would love to use fresh raspberries but here in Greece they are hard to come by and extremely expensive. Then I add a few drops of Raspberry flavor and deep rose color paste. But the secret, I feel, is the melted chocolate as it cools on the frosting! It gives it a crunchy bite! Yummm!

    Like your blog by the way! Happy baking!


  3. These cupcakes look delish! Congrats on the new camera :)

  4. hi Where do i get the recipe for it please?