Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Gooey Chocolate Coconut Cupcake!

This cupcake should be called DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN!  What a combination....Coconut and Chocolate!! I found this great store bought Coconut spread with Coconut Flakes by Deluxe in a German  supermarket called Lidl, here, in Greece! (For all my Greek and foreign friends- a MUST get) Delicious!!

The whole thing was soooo gooey- it almost melted in your mouth!  Hints of Coconut Flakes would give you a subtle crunch and the Creamy, Velvety Chocolate  Ganache would just smooth it away!  Yummmmm!

Of course, this one is empty! Licked it clean!!!

Unforgettable!!!....Will do it again soon!


  1. These look yummie!!!! I live in The Netherlands and I hope that the Lidl in my neighborhood has the coconut spread! I'm going to look for it.

    I like chocolate and coconut!!!

  2. Sadly the Lidl in Holland doesn't have the coconut spread:-(
    Do they still have it in Greece?

  3. No, unfortunately, they don't have it here anymore! So disappointing! But don't worry, I made my own and it was just as good! Regular Buttercream, add coconut flavoring (if you can't find that, then add some organic coconut oil to the butter(about a tablespoon) and then finish with some coconut flakes (add enough till you almost get a paste or till frosting is thick, a few tbsps) and beat some more. Experiment with's very good! Good luck!

  4. Wow these sound so yummy, I love the chocolate and coconut combo so much! We have Lidl here in England, I'l l have to look out for that tasty sounding spread!! or else make your homemade equivalent - thanks for sharing!