Monday, 13 December 2010

The Cupcake Marathon!!!

This weekend I participated in a Christmas Bazaar for W.I.N. Hellas.   It was a two day, all day Bazaar, so I had to make enough cupcakes to last me through both days.  Me, the worrying type, decided that 600 cupcakes should cover it!!!  God forbid I run out!!.....The thing was, they had to be ready by Friday night, the latest!!!  So, the marathon began and I baked 600 and PLUS CUPCAKES!!  

How did I do this?  And with no help?....Well, with VERY little sleep and NON-STOP baking, of course!!!.....I really surprised myself with this project!  It took very good planning, organizing, and a lot of math!!!!  How much flour, butter, eggs, ect. would be needed, how many decorations had to be made, when to make them, how to make them, and on and on and on.....

Gotta say, that I really stressed myself out for this one!!! Every night this week I was DREAMING of cupcakes all night long!!!  Dreaming about the decorations, the presentation, the piping, name it!  

But FINALLY, I pulled it through!!!  Friday night came along and I had finished them!!!!!  WHAT A FEELING OF ACCOMPLISHMENT!!  AND....OH, HOW SWEET IT WAS!!!............I decided then, that after this, I can pull anything off!!!   So, BRING IT ON!!!

And this is me!!  Gleaming with pride!!!!!!


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