Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Again, inspired by the Greeks!!!

It's a custom for Greeks to have Mastic liquor after their meals.  It has a light, sweet and distinct flavor.  I love it!  Mastic is also used for medicinal purposes, cooking, baking, cosmetics, soap, body lotions and many other uses.  You will find it  in their famous Easter bread and ice creams.  So, I thought, why not in a cupcake? At first, I was worried that the flavor may be a little overwhelming, on the contrary, the frosting took the cake!!!  Buttercream and Mastic liquor, a match made in heaven!!!

How about the Frappe?  Everyone knows that a Greek will not do without his NesFrappe!  It is common to see them holding a Frappe for long periods in most coffee shops.  Well, it never occurred to me that this famous coffee would make such a stunning frosting!!  It was totally delicious!  Creamy, just the right dose of coffee and the Greek chocolate shavings really made this cupcake complete.  Perfect for that afternoon break!!!  

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